Latest Healthcare Sector Ransomware Spotlights

We hope that this report provides valuable insights into
ransomware trends in the healthcare sector.

Investigative Cybercrime Series

Healthcare Sector
Ransomware Spotlights

We're committed to helping healthcare organizations proactively protect themselves from cyber threats. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Case Study

Healthcare Company Takes Proactive Measures to Improve Security Maturity

Our case study explores challenges faced by a healthcare company and how we worked to help the company gain a baseline of current cyber hygiene, achieve executive and board support to add a new budget for security tools and recurring assessments, develop a new plan to harden existing infrastructure and take security maturity to the next level.

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Darkside Ransomware: Caviar Taste on Your Big-Game Budget

The Darkside group demonstrates seasoned experience, polished business acumen, and an outwardly aggressive posture toward the security industry.

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 Imminent Attacks Against the Healthcare Sector by Trickbot Group

Ransomware attacks against the healthcare sector have been associated with persons losing their lives due to services being routed to nearby hospitals. 

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AKO Ransomware – Analysis

This article provides information on the ransomware behavior observed during one of these engagements. Arete has investigated AKO cases in the Finance, Healthcare, and Manufacturing sectors since January 2020. 

Protect Your Healthcare Organization from Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks are a growing threat to healthcare organizations and can have devastating consequences. Not only can ransomware attacks result in financial losses, but they can also compromise patient data and damage our organization's reputation. Vinny Sakore
The cases of Ransomware incidents are rising at an alarming rate. Preparation and strengthening of defense and response systems are vital in such a scenario. For this to happen, education is a must, and this latest report aims to do just that - make people aware of the threat and provide valuable insights into risk mitigation and impact minimization. Raj Sivaraju
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